Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Let's All Just Get Along for this Hopeful Time of Change

Israel, showing a degree of graciousness I greatly admire (and most people in their situation wouldn't show), has agreed to a ceasefire with Hamas and withdrawn all troops from Gaza. They want to give President Obama peace to start working with. That is truly amazing of them; most other countries (including ours), when faced with an enemy that swears to exterminate every man, woman, and child, would not agree to peace just so another country's leader was a breaking-in period.

It won't last a week.

Hamas has never, ever honored an Israeli ceasefire. In fact, historically, when Israel offers peace, Hamas (or Hezbollah, or any other Palestinian terrorist group) has mocked what they see as weakness by hitting harder. If Israel attacks the terrorists who murder their civilians, the terrorists hit back because Israel is a vicious racist state. If Israel concedes to the terrorists, they still hit back because Israel is weak and can be bullied.

And the disgusting part of it is the blowhards in this country and many others who insist that Israel is a racist, imperialist, apartheid state. Take Annie Lennox, who saw, "as a mother," the "nightmarish sights" of Gaza neighborhoods burning under Israeli strikes. Apparently she didn't notice "as a mother" that for three months prior, Israeli neighborhoods had been burning under Hamas rocket attacks, and thus couldn't possibly appreciate that most people, faced with constant bombardment for three months (during a ceasefire agreement), would have long since commenced a full-scale war.

So while I admire Israel's magnanimity more than I can really say, I don't believe it will work. You cannot reason with an enemy that swears to "strangle the last Jew with the entrails of the last Zionist." You can't win them over with kindness. And Americans need to realize that and stop condemning the IDF's efforts to protect the innocent civilians of Israel.

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