Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Doctors Don't Have Rights, Stupid

So Barack Obama is pushing to overturn several long-standing laws designed to protect doctors. See, there was a law that prevented hospitals from firing doctors who refused to perform or refer for abortions based on personal convictions. And George Bush added a law strengthening that by denying federal funds to hospitals which ignored the earlier anti-discrimination law.

Not anymore. George Bush is gone and we're going to put science back in its proper place.

Once Obama repeals these laws, any doctor who refuses to perform an abortion once asked to can be fired. Interesting: the president seems to think that a "right to choose" applies only to someone's right to choose to kill their child, not a doctor's right to choose whether to do it or not. Doctors don't have rights, that's a ridiculous, outdated concept!

An administration official says that the laws interfere with "the administration's goal of reducing abortions and unwanted pregnancies." Well, I'll give him half of that: it certainly "reduces unwanted pregnancies" to murder all the unwanted children. But I'm not really sure how you can claim to reduce the number of abortions by ordering all doctors, regardless of beliefs, to perform them whenever asked.

I don't understand this at all. A doctor has a right to refuse any non-emergency procedure: you can't demand a doctor be fired because he wouldn't inject collagen into your lips or because he refused to perform a high-risk surgery that you could live without. So why should doctors be fired for refusing to perform abortions? (The answer, of course, is that the hard left sees abortion as almost a holy event.)

And expect the erosion of doctor's rights to accelerate rapidly as we get universal health care. See, right now, if you want a doctor to give you a valuable service, you have to give them something of value. That's such a ridiculous idea! You should be able to get something of value simply by screaming that you need it. Why should doctors have a right to choose how they conduct their lives, when other people need them?

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