Friday, March 27, 2009

No Double Standards

Massive floods are ravaging North Dakota, and because I don't like hypocrisy I'm going to apply international statesman Kanye West's logic in the Bush-Katrina fallout: Barack Obama does not care about white people.

That's all.


  1. Now if we can just get the rest of the 'white trash' to wake up and smell the stink...
    Shy III

  2. Well hold on a minute, you forgot that the very notion of calling Obama on this is RACISt. We cannot critique a black president or we are racist. We cannot use the N word as we will be called racist- although a few rappers showed up to the Grammys wearing shirts with the N word in glitz.

    Sorry- you missed the politically correct memo: Everyone but whites wonderful and can do no wrong, whites- criminals, overlords, capitalist, money grubby thieves.

    That being said, clever logic! Oh and for those who want to call me a RACIST for even saying this...let it go, as I am the minority in my home, my state, and due to the proximity to the southern border.

  3. By the way, I DO NOT use the N word, and never have. I just am sick of where we have arrived in our nation and cannot stand the double standard.

  4. I do hate the rules of race in America, which are basically:

    1) Nothing a Diverse person says is racist. The Diverse are incapable of racism, so when Al Sharpton talks about "white interlopers" and Jesse Jackson talks about "hymietown," there is no racial tone at all. An exception is made for that hatemongering loony Michelle Malkin.
    2) Non-Diverse white people are incapable of not being racists. It's unconscious, so even if you say you're not a racist, you are.
    3) Any criticism of a Diverse person, regardless of what it's about or what merit there is to it, is racism.

    I honestly think pretty much everyone except Nazis and victimhood-advocate attention whores has been past race for quite some time...but if Jackson et al admit that, then their meal ticket and cultural relevance cease to exist.