Monday, April 6, 2009

Here's the Excuse They Need

In the last month, tyrannical statists have found the excuses they need to completely destroy the Second Amendment.

90% of guns in Mexico are from America! (Or 90% of the traced guns--which only constitute about a fifth of all guns used in crimes. But whatever, math doesn't matter.)

Then there's the rash of violent sprees. Guy walks into an ESL school for immigrants and kills 13, then himself. Guy in Michigan shoots his five kids and himself. The guy in Pittsburgh who killed cops--and, according to his neighbor, was "afraid Barack Obama would take his guns." At least half a dozen murder-suicides where someone kills their entire family before themself. And there's a firestorm of criticism saying they wouldn't have done it if they hadn't had so much access to guns.

Make no mistake, that is going to be the excuse to put tighter controls on guns.

Are guns the problem, though? Or are psychopaths the problem? The guy at the immigration school--if he hadn't had a gun, do you think we would have said, "Well maybe I shouldn't kill people," or do you think we would have gone in with a knife (as, in fact, he did anyway)? And since the police weren't there right away, do you think maybe people still would have died?

Do guns cause crime? Switzerland requires every household to have an actual military weapon--not a civilian AR copy that our media demonizes, but a fully automatic FN-FAL, what's termed a "machine gun" in the legislation of this country. It's not only allowed but mandated. And I don't hear about murders in Switzerland often. In fact, they have one of the lowest crime rates in the world. 

But facts seem not to matter anymore, and big government is getting bigger and bigger every day, no matter how many people protest it. The last election gave statists--both Democrats and Republicans--the majority they need to ignore the will of the people. We can't touch them for another two years, and by that time they'll be so firmly entrenched it'll take decades to undo what they've done. 

It's almost certain some massive gun control legislation will happen soon. I just have this to say about that: Out of my cold, dead hands.


  1. This is really a win for liberals on all fronts: They get to indulge in a favorite pastime, blaming everybody except criminals for crime, while participating in two other favorite pastimes, blaming non-liberals for everything and shredding the Constitution.

  2. Let them come. I will never surrender my guns!