Friday, April 3, 2009

Is This the Change We Wanted?

So the Congress decided last night to pass Obama's record-breaking $3.6T budgets (made with a promise to cut spending and reduce deficits...there's that doublethink thing again).

Anyone else find it odd that the most transparent, ethical Congress passes most of tis bills in the middle of the night?

So in addition to bankrupting the country and guaranteeing massive tax increases, this budget makes universal health care happen--without any public debate at all. The president wants it and Congress bends over, so despite very real concerns about the quality of universal care and the way it erodes the rights of both doctors and patients, UHC has become reality without even an attempt to answer the serious questions of opponents.

Is this the change we need? Midnight deals? Massive public expenditures, programs that will affect everyone, without any debate or questioning? A government that ignores the laws of mathematics (triple size of budget without raising taxes on more than 2% and while cutting defecits) in a desperate attempt to make America the Soviet Union?


  1. Welcome to the New World Order. Run to the hills my friend.....

  2. It's not the change we need so much as the change they want. Or more precisely, the change they need, in order to make the United States they want.

    Socialism is bad news, don't let them do it to America.