Friday, February 13, 2009

Congratulations on Setting a New Record

Yes, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has finally topped Bill Clinton's "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" in the category of Most Brazen Lie by a Washington Politician.

You see, she said that the $800 billion Generational Theft Bill contains not a single earmark or pet project.

Not a single pork project, like:

$3 million to build a clubhouse on a golf course in Alabama
$4.6 billion for clean coal in King of Pork Robert Byrd's district (undoubtedly to be called the Robert C. Byrd Clean-Coal Power Plant)
$448 million to build a DHS headquarters
$248 million more for furniture in DHS headquarters
$400 million for STD screenings
$150 million for the Smithsonian
$1 billion for the 2010 census
$75 million for stop-smoking programs
$25 million for substance abuse programs on tribal reservations
$6 billion to "green" government buildings
$412 million to update CDC facilities
$850 million to Amtrak, which has failed to turn a single dollar of profit in over forty years
$110 million to upgrade computers at the Farm Service Agency
$88 billion to state Medicaid programs
$80 million to buy an ice-breaking ship
$890 million to Social Security, with no provisions for actual reform (and $890 million to an agency over $100 trillion in the hole is essentially irrelevant)

No, no pork there. All of that will immediately create huge amounts of jobs. Why, four or five people can work on that icebreaker. And some of those government renovation projects can put forty or fifty people to work for a year or so. And when that year is over, the economy's still bad, and the government jobs are gone...well, I guess we can come up with another trillion dollars.

If the next four generations are going to be paying for this, shouldn't we want more jobs then temporary government work?

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