Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Parasite

So you've probably heard of Nadya Suleman, aka the Salad Shooter. This is the unemployed single mother who lives in her mom's house and collects welfare checks. She now, thanks to her recent octuplet birth, has fourteen children, all of whom will be supported by money confiscated from people responsible enough not to have children they can't afford to raise.

Look, she's said she was a lonely child and wanted a big family. Good for you. Now make sure you can support that family and you're free to do so. But why in God's name should my tax dollars subsidize your huge-family fantasy?

Not content with drinking the sweat of people who think that you should have a job and live someplace other than your mother's basement before having fourteen children, this bloodsucker has demanded a $2 million deal from Oprah, hired a publicist, and set up a website asking for donations (which you can see here: All while continuing to collect welfare.

What on earth is wrong with you? If you can afford a publicist to handle your media exposure, you don't need my tax dollars to support yourself.

You know the real tragedy of this situation? There's one unemployed mother of fourteen entirely dependent on handouts. But there are millions of unemployed mothers of three or four that are equally dependent on the nanny state. It's not right. Exercise some responsibility. Make sure you can support a child before you make the decision to have one. And if you can't, don't expect the rest of us to clean up your mistakes.

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