Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good God, What Is Wrong With You People?

An Arizona rancher named Roger Barnett owns 22,000 acres, some of which borders Mexico. Because his ranch is private property and not patrolled by the government, illegal immigrants use it as a border crossing. He doesn't like this. Surprise! Somebody doesn't like it when foreign citizens illegally enter this country by trespassing through his property!

In fact, Mr. Barnett dislikes it so much that, when he comes across people illegally crossing his land, he'll hold them at gunpoint while calling the police. This is what, in a saner time, was known as reasonably defending your property. Now, it's called a violation of civil rights.

Seriously. 16 of these criminals are now suing Mr. Barnett for "civil rights violations," with damages to the tune of $32 million.

What a load of crap. You're committing multiple felonies, including illegal border crossing and trespassing (and technically burgalry, since that is defined as illegally entering a property for the purposes of committing a felony). The guy you're committing these felonies against detains you--exercising his right to make a citizen's arrest--until the police arrive. You're entitled to nothing. It's like those jackass burglars who trip over a rug or a power cord then sue the homeowner for the cost of their medical bills.

No. You either get to burglarize/trespass/whatever other crime on someone's property, or ask them to treat you with respect. Not both. When you illegally entered Mr. Barnett's property, you forfeited your right not to be held at gunpoint by Mr. Barnett. He's defending his freaking home against your illegal invasion of his property. You don't get to sue him for that.

And if the judge doesn't throw this case out, I will have lost all respect for this nation's justice system.

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